Health practitioners have reporting responsibilities when an elder/dependent adult is admitted or transferred to UC Davis Medical Center from a health or community care facility and there is reasonable cause to suspect that the individual is a victim of neglect or abuse. Depending on the circumstances, reporting may be mandatory or discretionary.

Any health practitioner et al who, in his or her professional capacity or within the scope of his or her employment has observed an incident that creates reasonable suspicion that the individual is a victim of physical abuse, has observed physical injury where the nature of the injury, its location on the body, and repetition of the injury clearly indicates that physical abuse has occurred, or is told by an elder/dependent adult that he or she has experienced behavior constituting physical abuse shall:

Immediately report the known or suspected instance of physical abuse to the Department of Clinical Social Services and the appropriate County Adult Protective Services (APS) bureau by telephone and shall prepare and send a written report, thereof, within 36 hours on a State of California Health and Welfare Agency Report of Suspected Dependent Adult/Elder Abuse form (soc341). Contact Clinical Social Services at 4-2583 for information on how to obtain the form. See UC Davis Health System Policy # 1531: Reporting of Elder/Dependent Adult Abuse for detailed information.