The active ingredient of the sterilant concentration is 35 percent PA. The sterilant container also contains other ingredients (in powdered form) which buffer the sterilant to neutral pH, along with corrosion inhibitors that protect the devices being sterilized. The sterilant and buffers are sealed in a single-use container to ensure safe handling. When the sterilant container is placed in the processor and the cycle begins, a buffered protection solution is created first, followed by the introduction of sterilant concentrate making a use dilution with a PA concentration of 0.2 percent and an acid pH of approximately 6.4. This use dilution is biocidal, sporicidal, and safe for the instruments being sterilized.

Single-use packaging of the sterilant and the automated creation of use dilution within the system ensure the optimal concentration of the sterilant with every cycle. The sterilant concentration is not intended for reuse or for use in a manual open-pan sterilization system.

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