The liquid chemical sterile processing system consists of a tabletop microprocessor-controlled unit, a single-use cup of PA-based sterilant, and multiple device trays and containers. The tabletop unit is approximately 32 inches wide, 24 inches deep, and 15 inches high. Utility requirements are a tap water supply, a drain, and 110V electricity. The processor is automated and creates, monitors, and maintains the conditions and functions necessary for sterilization.

The conditions for sterilization are:

  1. Proper sterilant use dilution concentration
  2. Processing temperature (50 to 56 degrees Centigrade)
  3. Exposure time to the sterilant (12 minutes)

The processor has push-button operation and an internal diagnostic and monitoring system that produces a printed strip to confirm that all sterilization parameters have been met during each cycle. If for any reason the conditions are not met, the cycle will cancel.

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