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Center for Professional Practice of Nursing

Center for Professional Practice of Nursing

Drawer 3: Adult Intubation Supplies

6.0 Adult Microcuff ET Tube 35212 Kelly Clamp with Rubber Tip
7.0 Adult Microcuff ET Tube 35214 Adult Stylet 14 Fr
8.0 Adult Microcuff ET Tube 35216 CO2 Colorimetric Indicator
9.0 Adult Microcuff ET Tube 35218 Flashlight with Batteries
Black Locks 35 cc Syringe  (LL)
Twill Tape Magill Forceps (Adult)
Lubafax Laryngoscope Blade (Disposable Macintosh #3, 4)
Bite Block Laryngoscope Blade (Disposable Miller #3)
Nasopharyngeal Airways, Size 26 Fr, 30 Fr, 32 Fr Laryngoscope Handle, Medium
Batteries: Size C & D Airway (Plastic) Size 90 mm, 100 mm
Tongue Depressor