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Center for Professional Practice of Nursing

Center for Professional Practice of Nursing

Scholarships, tuition reduction & cross training


Education Reimbursement Program
The scholarship program provides financial assistance to UC Davis Health System career employees who have been accepted or are currently enrolled in an accredited educational program to promote their Health System career. The fund is supported by UC Davis Health System and administered by Human Resources.

Scholarships are intended to assist career employees (past probation) in achieving career goals that will ultimately promote their Health System career. The funds are for tuition and cannot be applied toward the cost of parking, miscellaneous fees or other incidentals. The amount of the scholarship shall not exceed $3,500 annually (January through December of each calendar year). Maximum funding to an employee shall not exceed $7,000 within a 5-year period. 

Career Staff Development Fee Assistance Program
Up to $300 can be awarded in a fiscal year to be applied toward tuition for courses that support the applicant's career goals at UC Davis.

California State University, Sacramento Nursing Scholarships

Tuition reduction

Career Staff Development Fee Assistance Program
Non-probationary employees in career positions who meet the admission requirements for the university are eligible for a  two-thirds reduction of both the registration fee and the education fee for up to nine units or three regular session courses per quarter, whichever is greater. Nurses are allowed up to 12 units or four regular sessions per quarter at UC San Francisco (except summer quarter). UC San Francisco courses will not count towards the Nursing Science and Health-Care Leadership graduate programs offered by the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC Davis. For more information, contact  Training and Development at (916) 734-2676.

University Extension Classes
UC Davis Health System staff and faculty may enroll in University Extension courses and Open Campus courses at a 20 percent discount. These same staff are also eligible for a special 50 percent discount when they enroll in courses three or fewer working days prior to the course start date, available on a space-available basis. This applies to all University Extension courses, except concurrent/Open Campus courses and other exceptions as indicated.

Cross training

Employee Cross-Training Program
The UC Davis Health System Employee Cross Training is administered by Training and Development and is designed to assist staff employees increase the effectiveness of their performance in their present University positions; and to encourage and provide opportunities for employees to obtain skills, knowledge and abilities which may improve their chances for career advancement within the University.

Bridges to Excellence
A program for nurses to explore new professional territory with colleagues, spend time on another unit on professional leave, and earn continuing education credit at the same time.