UC Davis Health is dedicated to educating the next generation of nursing professionals and leaders. Our goal is to provide high quality educational experiences for students in undergraduate and graduate nursing programs. Our health system supports 10 regional schools of nursing and over 1100 nursing student placements each year.

Nursing faculty and students can click the links below to find details on the required forms and instructions for submitting requests for clinical placements, preceptorships, or observational placement. UC Davis staff will find links to unit-based placements, course objectives and student skills sets.

Student/Faculty resources

UC Davis Health welcomes you and your students to our facilities for their educational preparation. The links below will provide you with the necessary documentation and educational resources for your student placements.

  1. Mandatory Faculty Requirements
  2. Environment of Care
  3. Forms
  4. Requirements for Clinical Experiences
  5. Requirements for Observational Experiences
  6. Training
  7. Resources
  8. UC Davis Medical Center Map (PDF)
  9. PCS Student Affiliation Requirements - Hospital Policy 2610 (intranet)

Staff resources

The links below will provide preceptors and staff with unit-based clinical rotations calendars, a list of what skills the students can and cannot do, as well as a copy of the school of nursing handbook.

  1. Clinical Rotation Calendar
  2. Student Skills Set
  3. School of Nursing Handbooks