Karen AndersonKaren Anderson is primary administrative support to UC Davis Medical Center’s New Grad-Nurse Residency Program and the School Liaison Program which are coordinated through the Center for Professional Practice of Nursing. She is in the process of completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services. Karen joined UC Davis Health System in 2012. Prior to this, she worked in health care in the mid-west from 1989 in many administrative, medical staff, and patient support roles in various medical specialties before moving to California in 2012. Karen is dedicated to serving the Center for Professional Practice of Nursing, our UC Davis Health System nurses, our community nurses, and students.

Karen has been married to Dean since 1990, together the two of them share a deep interest in education and educational development for all ages. Outside of UC Davis Health System, Karen and her husband work together by helping people in their community in diverse ways including spiritually, mentally, and socially. They have three adult children.

E-mail: karanderson@ucdavis.edu