Mosby's SuiteMosby’s Suite is a series of powerful online tools for health-care practitioners that connects point-of-care support, reference tools, and authoritative information with intuitive, user-friendly technology. UC Davis employees may access Mosby's Suite at home by registering for an account at Mosby's Nursing Consult while on the health system network.

Mosby's Nursing Consult

Mosby's Nursing Consult leverages content from leading nursing resources to help nurses quickly find answers to pressing clinical questions and bring evidence-based best practices to the point of care. Powerful search technology puts relevant results right at your fingertips. Mosby’s Nursing Consult provides a clinical knowledge base for answering care-related questions, educating patients, and helping provide exceptional patient care. 

  • Increase self-reliance with fewer unanswered questions
  • Gain enhanced access to evidence-based information
  • Easily apply explicit, actionable information
  • Improve patient education with informational handouts
  • Stay up-to-date on best practices through clinical updates

Mosby's Index

Mosby’s Index is the most robust journal abstracts and indexing database available for nurses and other healthcare professionals. Offering a broad range of unique content, search results often include evidence unlikely to be found anywhere else. Mosby’s Index provides quick and easy access to the research information clinical nurses and other health professionals need to become evidence-based practitioners.

  • Save time and effort with an easy, intuitive interface and powerful search and browse capabilities
  • Quickly find relevant results with several filters and the Emtree thesaurus, Elsevier’s leading Life Science thesaurus, enhanced for nursing
  • Access literature 24/7, save and share searches, and set up email alerts

Mosby's Skills

Mosby’s Skills combines a powerful skills and procedures reference product with convenient competency management system functionality to form one comprehensive resource for nurses and other health professions.

Mosby's Skills offers educators and staff convenient online access to evidence-based skills and procedures. Content has been adapted from authoritative resources with insight from leading nursing societies, and is continuously updated to reflect the latest in evidence-based practice.

Over 1,300 skills are featured within Adult, Pediatric, and specialties such as Perioperative, Maternal/Newborn, Neonatal Intensive Care, Oncology, Respiratory Care, and others.

Training resources

Training resources have been made available to nurses. Below are links to the Mosby's help system and video tutorials.