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Compliance Program

Compliance Program

Decedent Research Application

If you are not redirected automatically, follow the Research on PHI Decedents Application

If you want to look at PHI for decedent research where there are no identifiers linked to living persons and no use of death records, you must do the following:

You must send a request to the privacy officer with the following:

  1. A statement that the access is solely for the research of the PHI of decedents.
  2. A list of the elements of PHI that are necessary for the work.

The privacy officer may request proof of death.  In addition, the privacy officer must approve the request.

Please fill out the following form. You will either be contacted for more information or e-mailed an approval. A copy of the e-mail can be used as evidence of approval.

If you are including identifiers linked to living persons or are accessing death records maintained by the State Registrar, local registrars, or county recorders, your project must be approved by the IRB.


Contact Sharalyn Reed (916) 734-8808 if you have questions, or look at the Compliance Web site section on HIPAA: