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Compliance Program

Compliance Program

Standard 7 — Cooperation With Government Requests For Information

University personnel should cooperate with appropriately authorized governmental investigations and audits.

  • The University has developed detailed policy to advise University personnel on the procedures to be followed when representatives of the government arrive unannounced.  The policy establishes a procedure for an orderly response to the government's request to enable the Health System to protect its and its patients' interest while fully cooperating with the investigation.
  • When a representative from a federal or state agency contacts University personnel for information regarding the Health System or any Health System affiliated health care entity, or any other entity with which the Health System does business, the individual should contact the hospital director immediately.  If the hospital director is not immediately available, the individual should contact the Compliance Office, or Health System Counsel or General Counsel.  University personnel should ask to see the government representative's identification and business card, if the government representative is there in person. Otherwise, University personnel should ask for the person's name and office, address and telephone number, identification number and then call the government representative's office to confirm his or her authority.