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Compliance Program

Compliance Program

Standard 1 — Quality Of Care

The university’s academic health centers and health systems will provide quality health care in a manner that is appropriate, medically necessary, efficient and promotes the culture of safety.

  • All patients will be afforded quality clinical services.
  • Urgent and/or medically necessary services will be provided independent of payment methodology. The university’s health care professionals will follow current medical and ethical standards regarding physicians and other health care providers' communication with patients, and where appropriate, their representative, regarding the care delivered.
  • The university recognizes the right of patients to make choices about their own care, including the right to do without recommended care or to refuse treatment.
  • University personnel, generally the patient’s health care providers will inform patients about the alternatives and risks associated with the care they are seeking and obtain informed consent. To the extent possible, this information will be provided in a language that the patient can understand.