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Compliance Program

Compliance Program

What Are My Responsibilities?

Fulfillment of the UC Davis Health commitment to certain standards in the conduct of our business is dependent upon the same commitment by all employees. It is the responsibility, therefore, of everyone to:

  • Know and comply with the Code and the Compliance Program as they apply to your job
  • Avoid involvement in illegal, unethical or otherwise improper acts
  • Seek guidance as provided by the Compliance Program when in doubt about your responsibilities
  • Report any violation of the Program
  • Assist authorized personnel in investigating all allegations of violations
  • Take responsibility for your actions; and
  • Immediately notify the compliance office or the university's office of the general counsel if the government excludes you from participation in any federally-funded programs

In addition, you should be aware that existing university Business and Finance Bulletin G-29 "prescribes responsibilities and procedures for investigating known or suspected misuses of resources by university employees..." Employees should refer to this policy for information on these investigations