Services we offer

Abstract development

We can help you identify conferences that match your research project and assist with writing the conference abstract.

Poster design

We can help you design a poster for a conference presentation.

Consultation for writing journal articles

We can help you identify a journal, draft an article for submission, and help with proof reading.

Database construction /analysis

We can help you set up a database for your study and show you how to run a statistical analysis.

Qualitative data analysis

We can help you formulate qualitative research questions, learn how to conduct qualitative interviews and analyze your results.

Study design

We can help you design a research study that fits with a clinical problem on your unit.

Grant writing assistance

We can help you identify a grant that matches your research needs, draft the grant proposal and budget, and navigate the University submission process. Dr. Raingruber and Barbara Rickabaugh work together on grant development.

Assistance with IRB approval

We can help you decide whether your study is exempt, expedited or needs the full committee approval. We can show you how to download IRB forms and write your proposal.

Help with obtaining intramural funding

We can help you apply for one of the Nursing Research Small Project Grants, The Eula Wiley Award or the Innovative Project Award.

Please contact: 

Lori Kennedy Madden, PhD, RN, ACNP-BC, CCRN, CNRN