Educational courses

Evidence Based Practice: Critiquing Research Literature & How to Conduct an Electronic Literature Search  
(8 hours) is provided every other month. This course is specifically designed to update and enhance EBP knowledge and process for conducting, implementing and evaluating evidence-based practice. Participants learn the basics to assess, investigate and revise nursing practice using an evidence-based practice methodology. Outreach: EBP courses have been given at Washoe Medical Center in Reno, NV & Mercy Hospital in Redding.

Do It “Write” - Getting Your Publication Accepted 
(8 hours). This course is given twice annually. It focuses on how to 1) develop a publication 2) survive a peer review, 3) manage the proof stage, 4) write a conference abstract, 5) develop a poster for presentation at a conference, and 6) turn a case study into a journal article. You will learn helpful hints for translating your research project into a finished product.

Writing a Research Proposal 
(32 hours). This course is provided every other year by staff. The goal of this class is to assist health care providers, new to the research process, learn to develop and write a research proposal. Upon completion of this class, participants will have a rough draft of their research proposal. Individuals interested in taking this class should come to the first class with a couple of ideas they would like to consider for a research study.

How to Write a Grant
(Agency specific). (In planning stage).

Critiquing and Developing Qualitative Research Proposals
(In planning stage by Bonnie Raingruber, R.N. Ph.D.)

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