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"War on Pain" Frequently Asked Questions

Accreditation information.

Course fees.

Category 1 Credit
$200 for 12.0 credit hours
These events are approved until July 1, 2014

Do I need to complete 12 hours of pain management?

The Medical Board of California:
California Assembly Bill 487 and the Medical Board of California, Business and Professions Code Section 2190.5

AB 487: Pain Management and the Appropriate Care and Treatment of the Terminally Ill

AB 487, signed into law on October 4, 2001, requires most California-licensed physicians to take, as a one-time requirement, 12 units of continuing medical education (CME) on "pain management" and "the appropriate care and treatment of the terminally ill." The bill, which has become Business and Professions Code section 2190.5, exempts pathologists and radiologists.

The Medical Board will accept courses or programs that address one or both topics. The courses or programs must qualify for Category 1 credit and be presented by an organization accredited to provide CME by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME), the American Medical Association (AMA), the California Medical Association (CMA), or the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). In addition to accrediting CME providers, AMA, CMA, and AAFP may also present CME programs which will be accepted.

The 12 units may be divided in any way that is relevant to the physician's specialty and practice setting. Acceptable courses may address either topic individually or both topics together. For example, one physician might take three hours of "pain management education" and nine hours of "the appropriate care and treatment of the terminally ill;" a second physician might opt to take six hours of "pain management" and six hours of "the appropriate care and treatment of the terminally ill;" a third physician might opt to take one 12-hour course that includes both topics. The Medical Board will accept any combination of the two topics totaling 12 hours.

Physicians with an active license before January 1, 2002, will have until December 31, 2006, to obtain the 12 hours.

Physicians licensed on or after January 1, 2002, must complete the mandated hours by their second license renewal date or within four years whichever comes first.

The 12 required hours shall count toward the 25 hours of approved continuing education each physician is required to complete during each calendar year.

Link to the Medical Board of California

Do you need to take this course?

  • I am a California physician, active and living in California.
    Yes, California Assembly Bill 487 requires California physicians to obtain a minimum one-time requirement of 12-hours of Category 1 continuing medical education credit in pain management by December 31, 2006. (If you missed the deadline you are still required to obtain a minimum of 12-hours).
  • I am a retired California licensed physician living in California and want to keep my license active.
    Yes, if you want to keep your license active, you will need to take as a one-time requirement of 12-hours.
  • I live outside the state of California, but am licensed by the California Medical Board.
    You will need to contact the California Medical Board, (916) 263-2382 phone or (916) 263-2687 TDD.
  • Who is exempt?
    Contact the California Medical Board to confirm if you are exempt. California Assembly Bill 487 states: "By regulatory action, the board may exempt physicians and surgeons by practice status category from the requirement in subdivision (a) if the physician and surgeon does not engage in direct patient care, does not provide patient consultations, or does not reside in the State of California. (c) This section shall not apply to physicians and surgeons practicing in pathology or radiology specialty areas." 

Instructions how to get CME

For CME credit, you will need to pay $200 for the course, view the 13 -  videos, complete a speaker evaluation for each module, complete course evaluation and pass the test with 80% or better.

  • If you want CME for this course click on "War on Pain CME course" link
    This will bring you to our new CME California web site
  • Read the course information page
  • At the bottom of the page choose occupation "Physician" , "Pharmacist" or "Other"
  • New learners will need to create an account to log in
  • You will need to pay for the course ($200) at this time by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover)
  • This couse is discounted to $30 if you are a current UC Davis staff, faculty or resident, email UCD/CME office for the discount code; on payment page click for discount and enter code
  • After payment, a new page will show list of 13 modules and the test

    a. Print test worksheet first then...
    b. Complete worksheet as you watch each video

  • Each module will have link to video
  • Use "test worksheet" while you watch the videos you can mark your answers and use this as a reference when you take the test.
  • After viewing all 13 videos open TEST/EVALUATION to complete the evaluations and you will need to successfully complete the post-test and pass with 80% or higher, learners are allowed three chances to pass.
  • Your CME certificate with 12 hours will be created after you have completed all evaluations and passed the test
  • You can reprint your certificate by loging in to CME California web site, clicking "transcript" then "view" course certificate
  • This event is self recording. You will need to notify your Medical Board
  • Email Gwenn Welsch at and add "War on Pain" in subject line if you have any additional questions

Helpful tips:

  • Print the "test worksheet" to use when viewing the videos
  • Marking your answers - if you don't click right on the answer button (a little to the right or left of the button) it won't selected the box. So, be careful when clicking on your answers. If you missed answering a question you will have to go back through the whole list to find it. They system does not flag missed questions.

I don't want CME, can I view the material "War on Pain"?

Yes, there are two ways to access the material.

  • Some of the videos are available to view (no CME - no fee)
  • View all the course material for $200

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