Together we can make a difference


This short (1min 45 sec) video highlights reasons to participate in clinical trials

Top 3 reasons to participate in clinical trials:

  • To advance medicine: 51%
  • To find a better treatment for my condition: 46%
  • To help others with my condition: 39%

See more at the Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation(CISCRP)

Other helpful nation-wide resources:

  • What is a clinical trial?
  • Why should I enroll in a clinical trial? 
  • Is it safe to be in a clinical trial?
  • Will research help me personally?


    Ask your doctor, “Is there a clinical trial that I can join?”

    If your doctor offers you a trial, here are some questions you may want to ask:


    1.Central Valley Pulmonary Fibrosis
    2. UC Davis Cancer Center 

    3. UC Davis MIND Institute  (developmental disabilities)

    4. Other support groups can be found on this website