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Center for Health and Technology

Center for Health and Technology

Telehealth Education Courses


The Center for Health and Technology (CHT) has developed a curriculum that embraces a multidisciplinary approach while incorporating discussion, lecture and hands-on training. The CHT's uniquely designed facility offers a customized classroom and fully equipped telemedicine training laboratories.  More than 1,870 people from over 860 organizations have attended our training courses — traveling from California, out of state and other countries — since 1999.  

We offer the following telehealth educational courses throughout the year; please click on the course title for a curriculum outline and the course objectives tab for a copy to download.

Telehealth Education

One-Day Executive Overview

The Telemedicine Executive Overview course will offer participants a comprehensive insight into telemedicine, including strategic planning, project management, clinical aspects, operational and technical considerations and legal issues necessary for implementing and sustaining a successful telemedicine program.

Two-Day Telemedicine Course

This two-day course begins with an executive overview, a high-level introduction to telemedicine and is designed for administrators, physicians, IT specialists, and operation managers who would like to establish a new or expand an existing telehealth program. Participants are guided through various aspects including strategic planning, clinical, operational and technical considerations, as well as legal issues valuable to know when implementing a telemedicine program.

Day two offers attendees educational tracks on clinical operations and technical systems. Participants will select the track of their choice and receive an in-depth, hands-on experience in their area of interest.

Clinical Operations Track

The clinical operations track explores various clinical options and provides examples of how to incorporate them into the culture of the organization. This track offers discussion on program planning and development, policies, clinic procedures, enhancing patient presentation skills, obtaining/retaining physician buy-in, continuous quality improvement, and basic contracting considerations. The session will also address the 'pit-falls' or challenges that you might encounter when implementing a program.

Technical Track

The focus of the technical track is to assist participants in identifying the different technologies available and how they can be applied to telemedicine applications. This track offers a broad perspective on the use of telecommunication technologies for telehealth and includes information on technical operations such as contracting considerations, policies and procedures, communicating with vendors, clinic design, system components, and network design. The session also offers participants hands on practical experience on the use of telemedicine equipment and an in-depth look at basic technical troubleshooting. Differences between H.323 and SIP technologies used in various videoconferencing applications will also be discussed through out the session.

Course Objectives

Please feel free to download a copy of our course objectives (pdf format).