Videoconferencing - Frequently Asked Questions


How do I schedule a videoconference and how much notice is required?

To obtain information on videoconferencing at UC Davis Health System, please contact (916) 734-5675 and ask for the videoconference coordinator. It is important to contact our videoconference coordinator, as soon as possible.

What information will I need to provide?

The videoconference coordinator will need the name of the technical contact at the remote site(s) as well as that person’s telephone number and/or email address.  In the case where there is not a technical contact our videoconference coordinator will want the contact information of the person who is responsible for the telemedicine equipment.  Upon contact, our site certification form will need to be completed and returned.

What do I need to do on the day of the videoconference?

Our videoconference coordinator will set up the videoconferencing equipment and establish a connection with the remote site(s) one half hour prior to the start time of the videoconference.  We request that the person responsible for the equipment, as well as the person organizing the videoconference be present at that time.  This ensures the equipment, as well as the overall room set up is optimal for the groups needs.

How much will it cost to schedule a videoconference?

It varies based on the videoconference.  Please contact our videoconferencing coordinator who can provide you with a proposal.

How many sites can be included in a videoconference call?

Typically, most connections are between two sites (a point-to-point call).  However, many of the units are capable of connecting 4 sites simultaneously.  If your videoconference is larger, the videoconference coordinator will discuss the option of using our Multipoint Conferencing Unit (MCU or bridge) to accommodate all the sites.  However, please keep in mind that videoconferences requiring multiple connections take more time to organize and are more expensive.

What conference rooms with videoconferencing capabilities are available here on the Sacramento campus?

The most frequently used locations include:

  • Tower DCR
  • ACC Building, Room 3015B 
  • Cancer Center Breakout Room/Auditorium - mostly used for large videoconferences
  • ACC Building, Room 3030C
  • Sherman Building, Room 3950
  • PSSB, Room G300 - mostly used for large videoconferences
  • Sherman Building, Room 3105

If  these locations do not work for your videoconference, please contact our videoconference coordinator who can assist you.