Media Production - Frequently Asked Questions


Can you shoot at remote locations?

Media Production has a complete field production kit to produce videos from nearly any location.


Do you have a studio?

Media Production has a photo/production studio.  Productions are enhanced due to lighting, grip equipment and other equipment that is readily available.


Can you produce a videoconference event?

Yes. In cooperation with our videoconference coordinator, we can provide media production support.


What type of media do you provide once the production is done?

We usually deliver your finished product on a CD or DVD, depending upon your needs.


Can I have multiple copies?

We provide you with a complimentary copy.  Additional copies are available for a fee.


What do I need to know before the day of recording?

We have a few handouts and can discuss your specific requirements when we create your proposal.


What should I wear or not wear when on-camera?

We recommend that you avoid wearing bright reds, whites or busy patterns.


Can you produce multi-camera productions?

Yes. Up to a three camera shoot.