The Center for Healthcare Policy and Research (CHPR) facilitates research activities in the areas of health policy, healthcare delivery, quality, and comparative effectiveness. 

Under the direction of Joy Melnikow, MD, MPH, the CHPR is a valuable resource to researchers in these areas who need assistance in grants development, project implementation and management, or financial administration.  CHPR members work with our experienced teams to move research projects through all phases, from proposal to final reporting, and everything in-between.

Our pre-award team responds to calls from a variety of funding agencies, such as:


    State (California)

Grants development team members are familiar with public and private funding agency requirements, and can navigate the maze of paperwork and online submission materials that typically accompany calls for proposals.

Team members obtain ongoing training to ensure that they are knowledgeable in the most current requirements, from funding agencies and from the UC Davis Office of Research.

CHPR project team

Funded projects need strong project managers and research teams. Our staff includes seasoned managers who are familiar with the nuanced requirements of health services research. Project managers work with investigators and stakeholders (both internal and external) to oversee skilled teams of researchers, research assistants, analysts, and biostatisticians, all with expertise in the areas of health services, health policy, health care quality, and cost effectiveness research. 



Picture of dollar sign

Nowhere is the unique nature of academic research more fully apparent than in the often frustrating area of financial management. Our financial managers are adept at working with the special needs associated with complicated research budgets. We proactively work with investigators to make sure projects stay on track and within budget.