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Center for Healthcare Policy and Research

Center for Healthcare Policy and Research

Center for Healthcare Policy and Research Seminar Series

One of the fundamental aims of the Center is to enhance the intellectual environment for health services research at UC Davis and to help faculty and trainees develop the skills to conduct first-class health services research projects. As an expression of the Center's commitment to the professional growth of its faculty members, the noontime seminar series was initiated.

Convened under the leadership of Stephen Henry, MD, the Seminar Series is held weekly during the academic year, with a hiatus during the months of July and August.  The location varies. Seminars are open to all Center members and other interested individuals. Continuing Medical Education credit is available to practicing physicians for most sessions, and students can take the course EPI 291 to earn 1 unit of course credit for each quarter of regular attendance. 


 Upcoming Seminars


January 14, 2014

Diabetes and Multimorbidity- a research proposal

Elizabeth Magnan, M.D., Ph.D. - Assistant Professor

Time: Noon to 1:00pm

Place: CHT building 1335


January 28, 2014

Ayse Texcan, MPH, PhD candidate

Autism Spectrum Disorder and Hand Preference

Time: Noon to 1:00pm

Place: Medical Education Building 3207



We have a need for seminar presentations on the following dates:
January 7th & 21st


A mailing list is available for those wishing to stay informed about upcoming seminar events.  To be added to the list, please contact:

Rima Cabrera