Guibo Xing, Ph.D. 
Senior Statistician
(916) 734-6895

Guibo joined the Center as a statistician in March 2003. He has been providing statistical support primarily to faculties, fellows and residents from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. He has used his statistical skills of survival analysis and categorical data analysis on various research projects, including Association of Cancer Risks with Obstetrical Delivery, Trauma during Pregnancy and Neonatal Outcome, and Trends of Hysterectomy Incidence, Type, and Complications. Databases that he uses for those studies include OSHPD hospital discharge data, infant birth and death certificates, and California Cancer Registry data. He also had experience doing econometric analysis using models such as time-series models, panel data models, count data models, selection models, hurdle models and two-part models.