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Center for Healthcare Policy and Research

Center for Healthcare Policy and Research

Image  of Colin Barr
Colin Barr
Community Health Program Representative
(916) 703-5651

Colin joined the Center in 2013, and works on the Personalized Research for Monitoring Pain Treatment (PREEMPT) study. Colin holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Auckland and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Public Health from the University of Otago. Previously he worked at the University of Connecticut, on a HIV-Behavioral Intervention and as a research assistant at Victoria University of Wellington.

Rima Cabrera, M.S.W.
Community Health Program Representative
(916) 703-5642

Rima joined the Center for Healthcare Policy and Research in April 2013. She is working with the Values and Options in Cancer Care (VOICE) Study. Rima previously worked for UC Davis with the Departments of Family Medicine and Pediatrics. She holds a Master of Social Work degree. Her previous work experience was community outreach, mental health, and medical social work.

David ChinImage of  David Chin, PhD
Postdoctoral Scholar
(916) 734-4793

David obtained his Ph.D. in Epidemiology from UC Davis in 2013. He has been at the Center since 2008, working first as a graduate student researcher and now as a postdoctoral scholar in the QSCERT T32 Fellowship program. His research focuses on iatrogenic infection prevention and healthcare quality measurement. His primary emphases are the effect of Clostridium difficile infection and treatment on patient outcomes and the development of quality indicators using administrative data. His other research interests include the impact of state policy on health outcomes. In addition to his Ph.D., he holds an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of California Santa Cruz.

Camille Cipri
Project Manager
(916) 734-2672

Camille Cipri, BS, Analyst III. Camille has been with the UC Davis Center for Healthcare Policy and Research (CHPR) since 2005.  She has worked on various research projects related to depression, cancer, patient advocacy, and nutrition and physical activity. Her role at the Center has been to provide support for all aspects of research conduct, including: IRB protocol development; data collection, management and analysis; research subject recruitment; delivering interventions; and manuscript development and support. Currently, she is the project manager for the Values and Options in Cancer Care (VOICE) Study. This study is funded by the NCI and aims to improve communication between advanced cancer patients, their loved ones, and oncologists.  

Carolyn Coleman Image  of carolyn coleman
Financial Manager
(916) 734-4082

Carolyn joined the Center in 2004 and has served as the Center’s Financial Manager since 2005. She is responsible for providing comprehensive financial oversight and support for the Center in the areas of fiscal management, expenditure control, compliance, and contract and grant administration from pre-award through post-award and closeout. Carolyn has a BS in Business Administration-Finance from CSUS.


Ginger Cox, R.H.I.T., C.C.S. Image  of Ginger Cox
ICD-9/10 Coding and Conversion Analyst
(916) 734-5543

Ginger Cox serves as an ICD-9/10 Coding and Conversion Analyst at the CHPR, working on the Support for AHRQ Quality Indicators contract (PI:  Patrick Romano).    Ms. Cox is a nationally respected expert in ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM/PCS coding.  Ms. Cox is a registered Health Information Technician and Certified Coding Specialist, and an AHIMA approved ICD-10/CM/PCS trainer.  She has a strong healthcare background with solid understanding of coding and usage of ICD-9-CM code set and its set of official guidelines for coding and reporting. 

Ms. Cox is assisting in the preparation for ICD-10 code sets, focusing primarily on ICD codes that define the indicator numerators and selected demominator inclusions and exclusions and support the clinical assessment of the proposed ICD-10 maps by participating in panels to review the specifications.  She serves as an in-house resource for the CHPR on ICD coding issues and will represent the Center in various coding-related venues. 


Althea Crichlow
Research Assistant

Althea Crichlow joined the Center for Healthcare Policy and Research in November of 2013. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology and Clinical Nutrition from UCD and a Master’s of Science from Columbia University in Nutrition Science. She works on the Characterizing patient-physician communication in primary care and Characterizing opioid dose escalation during early chronic opioid therapy for pain studies. She has previously worked in mental health, breast cancer, and pediatric anesthesia research.


Navjot Dhammi
Assistant Community Health Program Representative

Navjot joined the Center in 2014 and is working on the Personalized Research for Monitoring Pain Treatment (PREEMPT) study. Navjot completed her undergraduate education at UC Davis and has a BS in Biological Sciences. Prior to working at the Center, she was a student research assistant on the FLUID (Fluid therapies Under Investigation in DKA) study.


Teresa L. Duran (Farley), M.S. Image of Teresa Farley
Management Services Officer IV
(916) 734-4665

Teresa joined the center in 2004 and has over 25 years of project and operations management. She currently serves as the Center Management Service Officer providing leadership for the center, managing various research projects and the center daily operations. Teresa holds a masters’ degree in counseling, with a career specialization.

Her current research interests include health care quality, healthcare and prevention in underserved populations. Teresa is especially interested in community based research, working in collaboration with a variety of providers, community partners and schools to reach underserved and marginalized populations including non-native English speakers. She is bilingual, reading, writing and speaking Spanish fluently.


Shauna Durbin, MPH
CHPR Analyst
(916) 734-4292

Shauna Durbin joined the Center in December 2014. She works as a research analyst on a variety of projects, including a systematic review for the National Cancer Institute evaluating long-term adverse outcomes in women with early-stage breast cancer resulting from adjuvant chemotherapy regimens. During the legislative season she participates in the California Health Benefits Review Program for which she provides public health analyses of California legislation impacting state health benefits.
Shauna holds an MPH from the University of Arizona School Of Public Health with a concentration in health policy and geographic information science.


Gisela Escalera, MSW 
Community Health Program Representative
(916) 734-2877

Gisela joined the Center in 2009. Gisela is a UC Davis alumna and holds a Master of Social Work degree. Her work at CHPR has involved patient-centered coaching, delivering interventions in English and Spanish, patient recruitment, preparation of IRB documents and development of educational curriculum and data collection tools.
Her previous work experience was in the areas of employment services, mental health, and school social work. She is bilingual.


Suzy Hale Image of  Suzy Hale
Financial / Admin Assistant
(916) 734-2818

Suzy is a UC Davis veteran, bringing over 29 years of UC Davis and UC Davis Health System experience to her Center role as Financial and Administrative Assistant.


Barry Hill, M.P.H.
Health Policy Analyst
(916) 734-7878

Barry joined the Center as a health policy analyst in 2015. He is primarily involved in a project for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitations in which he is examining the validity and reliability of quality metrics to ensure they are in alignment with CDCR goals and policy. In addition, Barry is involved in a quality measurement project for the California Department of Insurance and Consumer Reports that aims to promote price and quality transparency to consumers.

His most recent research interests include health communication, access to primary care, health disparities, and quality measures.

Barry earned his Master of Public Health degree from Purdue University.


Helene Margolis, Ph.D. Image of Helene Margolis
Principal Investigator
(916) 734-7412

Helene Margolis joined the Center in 2010. She is an Associate Adjunct Professor in the Department of Internal Medicine: Division of General Medicine where she has held an appointment since 2005. 

She transitioned to UCD full time in 2010 to devote her energies to her University-based research program, facilitated via the award of an ARRA Challenge Grant (‘Projected Heat Wave Magnitudes and Public Health Impacts’; NIEHS), and other collaborative research projects. Over the prior 20 years she held a series of professional positions as a State government-based scientist and policy analyst, during which time she initiated major extramural research programs and established herself as a leader in the area of vulnerable populations’ health research and policy, with an emphasis on the influence of environmental factors, especially air pollution, on the health of children and older adults. She has extensive expertise on climate change health impacts, both as a research scientist and as a public health practitioner on the front lines during climate-related emergencies, including the 2006 California heat wave. Her training in epidemiology (PhD), immunology (MA), and marine sciences (oceanography)/biology/conservation (B.A.) gives her a unique knowledge-base and perspective on issues related to climate change.

Helene Margolis’ research interests include: Public health impacts of climate change and variability, including clinical ramifications and interventions to reduce vulnerability; pathophysiology/mechanisms and influence of environmental factors on natural history of chronic diseases (respiratory, cardiovascular, metabolic, immunologic); children’s environmental health; pediatric asthma and lung function growth; gene-environment interactions; exposure assessment; and translation of research findings into integrated public health and environmental policies. A particular interest is development of multiple-determinant models of chronic disease and related health outcomes that incorporate individual- and community-level factors and assess vulnerability across the life-span. She is committed to addressing issues of ethics in environmental health research, social inequities in health and environmental policy and access to healthcare.


Maria Marois, Ph.D., M.P.H.Image of Maria Marois
Project Manager
(916) 703-5643

Maria Marois joined the Center in June 2013 as project manager of the Personalized Research for Monitoring Pain Treatment (PREEMPT) Study. The study is assessing the effect of using a mobile phone application to assist chronic pain patients in collecting and understanding information about their pain and related symptoms. The overall goal of the study is to improve participatory decision making between clinicians and patients. Maria began her career at UC Davis in 1992 as a health educator for the Center for Aging and Health. In 1998 she joined the Western Center for Agricultural Health and Safety at UC Davis and coordinated the Study of Agricultural Lung Disease (SALUD), a study examining paraquat exposure among agricultural workers in Costa Rica. Prior to joining the research team at CHPR, she served as project manager for the MICASA study, a cohort investigation of occupational and environmental health risks in farm worker families (2005-2013). She holds a PhD in epidemiology from UC Davis and received her MPH with an emphasis in health promotion from San Diego State University.


Dominique Ritley, M.P.H. Image of Dominique Ritley
Research Analyst
(916) 734-2681

Dominique Ritley joined the Center as a research analyst in 2006. Her experience in health policy is most recently applied to a project with the California Department of Managed Health Care, Office of Patient Advocate to evaluate and recommend new measures for inclusion in California's Healthcare Quality Report Card. She also participated in the California Health Benefits Review Program providing medical effectiveness and public health analysis of California legislation impacting health benefits.

Dominique received her MPH in public health policy and administration from the University of Michigan School of Public Health.

Mauricio RodriguezImage of Mauricio Rodriguez
Community Health Program Representative
(916) 734-3161

Mauricio has been working for the Center of Healthcare Policy and Research as a Health Coach since October 2010. He’s bicultural, bilingual, and delivers telemedicine education to patients in both English and Spanish.

Mauricio is currently working on a Master of Public Health degree at Drexel University. His previous appointment with UC Davis was with the Department of Psychiatry working on the Men’s Health and Aging Project researching depression. 



Gary Tabler  Image of Gary Tabler
IT Specialist
(916) 734-7413

Gary joined the Center in 2014, having over 15 years experience providing IT support to government and education including 7 years at UC Davis. His diverse background in network administration and computer systems support, coupled with his expertise in firewall, VPN, and data processing technology allows him to bring a wealth of IT knowledge to the Center.



Daniel J. Tancredi, Ph. D. Image of Dan Tancredi, Ph. D.
Associate Professor (In Residence) of Pediatrics
(916) 734-3293

Daniel Tancredi is a medical statistician on the faculty of the UC Davis School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics, and a member of the UC Davis Center for Healthcare Policy and Research. Highly collaborative and widely published, he develops and implements efficient study designs and analysis plans for a wide variety of epidemiological, health services and clinical research. Dr. Tancredi has particular expertise and over 20 years of experience in developing and teaching practical study design, statistical analysis and computational strategies for clustered data, including cluster-randomized trials, longitudinal studies, probability surveys that use complex probability sampling techniques and secondary analysis of large administrative datasets. He holds a Ph.D. degree in mathematical statistics from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a bachelor degree in behavioral sciences from the University of Chicago.


Kirstin Truitt
CHPR Analyst
(916) 734-7918

Kirstin Truitt came to the Center in November 2014 to assume her current roll. Kirstin is responsible for the Center's communications, including print and internet. She is a member of the CHPR's Grants Development team. Kirstin also provides assistance as needed to the Director and Management Services Officer, and handles a variety of special projects including events planning and management and the development of informational and promotional materials.


Liz Vice
Project ManagerImage of Ruth Baron
(916) 734-2463

Liz Vice joined the Center of Healthcare Policy and Research in July 2012 and currently works as Project Manager on the Quality Indicator™ contract sponsored by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ).

Liz has a Bachelor's Degree in Government from California State University, Sacramento. She has 18 years of project management, contract compliance, healthcare policy and managed care operations experience to provide to the CHPR team. She spent the last 6 years as a consultant for area law firms managing and developing client databases, providing staff management guidance, policy and procedure development and paralegal services.

She has experience with the state legislative process, Department of Defense, Veteran's Adminstration, Health Affairs and Military Treatment Facility management.  She has an interest in public policy, healthcare advocacy and law.

Image  of Colin Barr

Chloe Villareal
Community Health Program Representative
(916) 734-2399

Chloe joined the CHPR and currently works on two projects at the Center, Provider Training to Support Patient Self-efficacy for Depression Care and Promoting Patient-centered Counseling to Reduce Inappropriate Diagnostic Tests.


Image  of Colin Barr

Gary Weinberg
Community Health Program Representative
(916) 734-8542



Meghan Weyrich, M.P.H.
(916) 734-5316 Image  of meghan soulsby

Meghan Weyrich joined the Center January 2011. She serves as the UC Davis project manager for the multi-center, randomized-controlled trial “Better Effectiveness After Transition for Heart Failure” (BEAT-HF) study. Led by UCLA, this study examines the effects of enhanced inpatient education coupled with post-discharge telephone follow-up and remote telemonitoring on readmission rates for elderly patients with heart failure.

Meghan also works as a research analyst on a variety of projects, including a recent CDC-funded project examining the scope and burden of prescription opioid misuse and overdose, and the effectiveness of state-run programs and policies to reduce the rate of misuse and overdose. During the legislative season, Meghan works on the California Health Benefits Review Program, providing public health analyses of California legislation impacting health benefits. Meghan received an MPH from the Boston University School of Public Health with a focus on community health sciences.

Guibo Xing, Ph. D. Image of Guibo Xing, Ph. D.
Senior Statistician
(916) 734-6895

Guibo joined the Center as a statistician in March 2003. He has been providing statistical support primarily to faculties, fellows and residents from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. He has used his statistical skills of survival analysis and categorical data analysis on various research projects, including Association of Cancer Risks with Obstetrical Delivery, Trauma during Pregnancy and Neonatal Outcome, and Trends of Hysterectomy Incidence, Type, and Complications. Databases that he uses for those studies include OSHPD hospital discharge data, infant birth and death certificates, and California Cancer Registry data. He also had experience doing econometric analysis using models such as time-series models, panel data models, count data models, selection models, hurdle models and two-part models.


Pat Zrelak, Ph.D., C.N.R.N., C.N.A.A., B.C. Image of Pat Zrelak
Administrative Nurse Researcher
(916) 734-8931

Pat joined the center in 2006. She currently works on the Patient Safety Indicator (PSI) Project sponsored by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ).

Pat holds a PhD in Epidemiology from UC Davis as well as a MS in Health Science and BS in Nursing. She is the administrative nurse for the UC Davis Stroke Program, and has over 25 years of experience in healthcare, primarily in management and education. Pat is board certified in Advanced Nursing Administration (CNNA, BC) and is a Certified Neuroscience Registered Nurse (CNRN). Research interests include stroke and dementia.

Besides working at UC Davis, Pat holds a faculty position at Samuel Merritt College where she teaches several courses including Research Methods and Biostatistics & Epidemiology.