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Center for Healthcare Policy and Research

Center for Healthcare Policy and Research

Meet Our QSCERT Fellows

2014-2015 Fellows

Current QSCERT Fellows

(Current fellows, clockwise from top:  Tejveer Dhillon, David Chin, Susan Perez, Emily White-VanGompel, Lindsey Woodworth, James Chenoweth.)

Tejveer Dhillon is a surgery resident at UCD. His goal is to improve patient outcomes especially in the field of trauma and critical care. As a fellow, Dr. Dhillon hopes to learn more about methodology for sound meaningful studies and grant writing techniques. His research examines how fluid resuscitation or blood transfusion outcomes on the Glasgow Outcome Scale and neurologic testing of patients six months post traumatic brain injury (TBI).

David Chin worked as a graduate assistant at CHPR and completed his doctorate in epidemiology form UC Davis. He is dedicated to improving the quality of care and patient safety in the hospital setting. His research involves using the Medical Error Detection Algorithm (MEDA) to retrospectively to detect medical prescribing errors in the hospital setting.

Susan Perez just completed her PhD from The Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing, with a research focus on how consumers use the Internet to obtain and process health-related information for themselves and their families.  Her mixed-methods research used both qualitative interview methods and screen capture methods to elucidate information-seeking behaviors.  As a Postdoctoral Scholar, she is working with Dr. Patrick Romano to extend her previous work to the current topical issues of quality and price transparency. 

Emily White VanGompel is a graduate of the UCDMC family medicine residency and continues her patient care and teaching as a family physician. Her current research focus aims to improve maternal child health outcomes by examining maternity care provider training and health beliefs.

Lindsey Woodworth recently completed a PhD in economics at the University of Florida.  Her research is in the area of applied microeconomics with an emphasis in health.  She is currently working on a number of projects that use natural experiments to address issues in emergency medicine.

James Chenoweth obtained his undergraduate degree in biology from Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska.  He attended Loma Linda University School of Medicine and obtained his MD in 2010.  He did residency training in Emergency Medicine at the UC Davis Medical Center.  In 2013 he began a Medical Toxicology fellowship at UCD.  He now joins the QSCERT program where his primary focus of research is in novel oral anticoagulants.