Sarah Bateni, M.D., General Surgery Resident. Has completed three years of general surgery clinical residency training at UC Davis Medical Center. Now devoting two years to research with a focus on postoperative outcomes among patients with advanced cancer. 


Brock Daniels, M.D., M.PH., is an emergency medicine physician and research fellow in the AHRQ funded Quality, Safety and Comparative Effectiveness Research Training Program (QSCERT) at the Center for Healthcare Policy Research. Brock’s research focuses on improving the timeliness and effectiveness of care delivered in the Emergency Department, particularly the implementation and evaluation of evidence-based guidelines for appropriate use of advanced imaging. Brock is also completing a Master of Advanced Studies in clinical research and health informatics through the Mentored Clinical Research Training Program (MCRTP). He intends to apply the quality improvement methods learned here with rigorous research methodology to design, implement and study the impact of informatics-based interventions aimed to provide more cost-effective and patient-centered care in the ED.

Robert Doiron, M.D., Surgery, has completed three years in the General Surgery Residency Program at UC Davis Medical Center. His research focuses on designing, validating, and implementing simulation curriculum into surgical education in order to improve surgical skills in the operating room and surgical outcomes.

Ethan Evans, Ph.D., is interested in Medical Sociology, Organization Studies, Health Disparities and Social Welfare. His dissertation focused on implementation of the Affordable Care Act, asking: "How are new organization arrangements between public agencies and private for- and non-profit organizations creating unanticipated barriers to system function?" With the project, he seeks to understand the influence of institutions and changes to benefit provision, healthcare system governance, and service delivery. As a QSCERT Fellow, Ethan will extend his mezzo-level institutional analysis to explore impacts on patient health.

Other projects include: assessing access to primary care for California's expanded Medi-Cal population, exploring health access disparities for children of immigrants, state policy effects on access improvement, and the impact of family instability on decisions to seek formal medical care across the life course.

Sample of Ethan's work.

Aimee Moulin, M.D., is an emergency medicine physician with a research interest in Behavioral Health Emergencies and Health Policy


Jessie Kemmick Pintor, Ph.D., M.P.H. mixed-methods research explores immigration and healthcare policy, disparities in access to and quality of care for children and families, and the effectiveness of health and healthcare interventions for vulnerable populations.  She holds a PhD in Health Services Research & Policy and an MPH in Maternal & Child Health from the University of Minnesota. Prior to entering graduate school, she worked for six years at a social services agency serving Latino immigrants in Minnesota. 



Patrick Romano Mentorship Award