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Julie Rainwater, Ph.D.
General Medicine
Office of the Patient Advocate
10/2003 - 6/2005

California’s Quality of Care Report Card, produced by the Office of the Patient Advocate (OPA), includes performance measures on the quality of California’s HMOs and largest medical groups. CHSRPC is conducting a comprehensive evaluation of California’s Quality of Care Report Card. The evaluation will assess: 1) Are California health care consumers using the Quality Report Card?, 2) How useful to consumers are the specific quality indicators that are currently included in the Report Card?, and 3) Does the Report Card have an impact on the quality improvement efforts of HMOs and medical groups? Data gathering techniques for the evaluation include consumer focus groups; mail, Internet, and telephone surveys; Web site usage analysis; and interviews with key informants in managed care organizations and provider groups. The evaluation team, which includes Patrick Romano, M.D.; Sheila Enders, M.S.W.; and Geeta Mahendra, will present its findings to OPA in the fall of 2004.

Update 2/28/2005
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