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Richard Kravitz, M.D.
Internal General Medicine
California HealthCare Foundation
12/2002 - 04/2005

The goal of this project is to help consumers choose the best drug/treatment for them, at the best price. This is a collaborative effort between the University of California, Davis, and The California HealthCare Foundation. The project will produce information comparing drugs prescribed for six medical conditions that are advertised directly to consumers and make this information easily accessible by consumers and providers. Targeted conditions include upset stomach, arthritis (osteoarthritis), high cholesterol, depression, asthma, and nasal allergies.

There are two components to this project: critical review of the scientific work of the Oregon Multi-state Collaborative (OMSC) and identification of critical questions not addressed by the OMSC reports, and communications and outreach to ensure consumers and providers know about the information and where to get it. The University of California, Davis will coordinate the research and writing of scientific summaries using teams which will include specialists from different University of California medical and pharmacy campuses. Expert consultants and a scientific advisory board will review project materials. Surveys will be conducted to elicit physician concerns about prescription drug use in their practice, and their opinions regarding the value of a consumer prescription medication information campaign to be launched by The California Health Care Foundation in early 2004.

To date we have established scientific teams, convened the project Policy Advisory Committee, assembled a Scientific Advisory Committee and convened it’s first meeting, produced some prototype materials, convened focus groups to discuss consumer's prescription drug informational needs, conducted physician survey research, appointed expert panels, and produced supplemental material on the treatment of six conditions. In the upcoming project year, we will complete the vetting process for depression, nasal allergies and asthma, reconvene the Scientific and Policy Advisory Committees, and summarize findings for dissemination by the California HealthCare Foundation.