Principal Investigator
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Patrick Romano, M.D.
General Medicine and Pediatrics
CA Dept of Health Services
1/2002 - 9/2004

CHSRPC is collaborating with the California Department of Health Services, Injury Surveillance and Epidemiology Section, to implement and validate the state's Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) surveillance system, to validate the state's Child Maltreatment Surveillance program, and to implement a public health surveillance system for sexual violence. These activities are supported by grants from CHSRPC for Disease Control and Prevention. Through this contract, the Division of General Medicine has hired a part-time Assistant Research Epidemiologist (Julie Cross, Ph.D.) to implement the TBI surveillance system (using hospital discharge and vital statistics data) and to manage TBI surveillance data.

CHSRPC is organizing a reabstraction study to validate a random sample of cases from this TBI surveillance system, based on careful review of medical records. We have developed and pilot-tested a reabstraction instrument (and accompanying guidelines) for use with hospital discharge abstracts. In the next year, these tools will be applied and the resulting data will be analyzed to estimate the sensitivity and predictive value of the TBI surveillance system. We plan to develop and pilot a comprehensive data collection instrument for a similar child maltreatment validation study. An additional epidemiologist will be hired to implement the sexual violence surveillance system.