Principal Investigator
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Patrick Romano, M.D.
General Medicine and Pediatrics
DHS Licensing and Certification
4/2002 - 3/2004

California Assembly Bill 394 requires the California State Department of Health Services (DHS) to adopt regulations that establish minimum nurse-to-patient ratios within acute care general, special, and psychiatric hospitals. DHS contracted with CHSR/PC contracted to provide analytic and technical support as they considered various policy options. In collaboration with the Center for Nursing Research, we completed Phase I of the project: a review of available empirical literature and a summary of the deliberations of an expert clinical panel concerning the best nurse-sensitive indicators for tracking the effects of AB 394 on patient, provider, and institutional outcomes. Phase Two analyzed the results of a statewide hospital survey designed to collect information on current staffing patterns in California acute care hospitals. DHS required additional services from CHSR/PC as the regulations proceeded through the rulemaking process. During the past year, CHSR/PC responded to questions and critiques from CDHS staff and all other interested parties regarding the methods used, and results of, all studies funded under the previous above referenced contract. Additionally, information was prepared estimating the financial impacts of various regulatory proposals for individual hospitals and sets of hospitals. The information includes data on patient days and licensed nurse staffing from OSHPD’s Hospital Annual Disclosure Report, adjusted based on findings from the UC-CDHS Empirical Analysis of Hospital Survey Data.