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Paul Leigh, Ph.D.
General Medicine
University of California CPAC
3/15/05 - 9/30/2005

This project focuses on more specific Medi-Cal Redesign Policy changes than those covered in the project identified above. The policy changes are those specifically suggested as options by the State in February 2005. The first policy changes involve impact estimates in terms of changes in enrollment and state budget expenditures of premiums on Medi-Cal eligibles in the families, aged, blind and disabled categories with incomes exceeding certain income thresholds. The premiums reviewed include $10 and $4 per month for adults and children respectively, with a $27 a month cap per family. This report--Potential Impact of Certain Premiums on the Medi-Cal Program, 2007: Preliminary Findings--was submitted to CPAC in draft in early May 2005 for further discussion and review by health policy makers. The second policy changes focus on mandatory expansion of managed care to the aged, blind, disabled (ABD) and other families (OFAM) in 27 "old" and "new" managed care counties in California by January 1, 2007. This study involves development of projections of enrollment, utilization and expenditures, first at the State level and then at the county level fewer than two sets of assumptions on what services will be carved out from mandatory coverage. The database consists of Medi-Cal expenditure and utilization reports 2003-2004, and enrollment reports by month between 1997-2005. Impact estimates are based in part on experiences in other states. A final report to be submitted to CPAC will be completed in late September 2005.