A message from Judie Boehmer, Director, Hospital and Clinics, Patient Care Services

Nursing is the heart of UC Davis Children's Hospital

Judie BoehmerThe nursing staff at UC Davis Children's Hospital is devoted to providing children and their families with the highest level of nursing care. Nurses at UC Davis Children's Hospital all are registered nurses, with the highest level of skill required to care for patients in a complex, academic medical center. UC Davis Children's Hospital has long been identified as a Center of Nursing Excellence in the United States. The Advisory Board, a national health-care organization, has acknowledged UC Davis' high-quality nursing environment by awarding it "destination hospital" recognition. This stature can only be enhanced by the establishment of the affiliated Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing on the UC Davis Children's Hospital. Affiliation with the new School of Nursing will enhance the ability of nurses in the Children's Hospital to conduct research, participate in education and accomplish the community service missions of UC Davis Health System.

Superior nursing care

When a child is cared for at UC Davis Children's Hospital, he or she is assigned a primary nurse who is responsible for coordinating the child's nursing care. This ensures better continuity of care, improves communication with parents and helps each child feel more comfortable in the hospital. Each nurse at UC Davis Children's Hospital cares for no more than three to four patients on the general inpatient floors, and only one to two patients in the intensive care units.

Family-centered care

Nurses at UC Davis Children's Hospital are deeply committed to providing a family-centered environment. Whether your child is a premature infant, a young child or an adolescent, we value our relationship with our patients and their families, and will do everything within our power to ensure that your child's stay is a comforting and healing experience.

Judie Boehmer
R.N., M.N., N.E.A.-B.C., F.A.B.C
Director, Hospital and Clinics
Patient Care Services