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UC Davis Children’s Hospital

UC Davis Children’s Hospital

General Pediatrics

The UC Davis division of General Pediatrics provides expert medical care for infants and children in the Newborn Nursery, the pediatric inpatient unit, the Pediatric Urgent Care Center, and the Primary Care and faculty practices.

Your medical home

UC Davis primary care clinics are structured as patient-centered medical homes. This system is designed to support your personal needs and allow your doctor to spend more time listening to you and your child. Learn more

Specialty clinics include:

  • the Diagnostic Clinic, which provides second opinions for pediatric patients with difficult diagnostic dilemmas and growth problems
  • lactation clinics, held several times per week to help mothers with lactation and breastfeeding issues
  • the Youth and Young Adult Clinic, which provides confidential reproductive healthcare services to patients 13 and older
  • the Adolescent Clinic, which provides clinical services to adolescents with chronic diseases

Our faculty consists of 23 pediatricians and one lactation specialist, the majority of whom are actively engaged in either basic or clinical pediatric medicine research.

Division of General Pediatrics Chief Kevin Patrick Coulter, who is well known in the field of child abuse and neglect as an advocate for children, conducts research focusing on sexual child abuse and children in foster care. He has consulted with the California Office of Criminal Justice Planning and the American Academy of Pediatrics, along with several San Francisco law enforcement agencies on training protocols for sexual abuse examinations and other issues related to child abuse.

The faculty’s other key research interests include:

  • pediatric obesity and weight management
  • breastfeeding issues
  • injury prevention
  • culturally competent care
  • general pediatrics in a managed care environment
  • palliative care for the pediatric patient
  • the role of the pediatrician in identifying and intervening with children at risk for poor school performance

Among the distinguished faculty members actively involved in both clinical care and research are:

  • Ian Griffin, a pediatric nutrition expert who has co-authored papers on such topics as nutrient-enriched formula, nutrition of pre-term infants after hospital discharge, magnesium retention in 12- to 48-month-old children, and the finding that orange but not apple juice enhances the absorption of ferrous fumarate (an iron salt supplement) in small children.
  • Doug Gross, whose clinical and research interests are centered on pediatric neurology, pediatric behavior and development, neuroendocrinology, reproductive endocrinology, and sexual differentiation of the brain.
  • Stephanie Nguyen, whose research focuses on the role of hypertension in the development and progression of kidney disease in children with diabetes mellitus. She is building a study cohort evaluating how often hypertension is missed in children with diabetes, the prevalence of hypertension in children with diabetes, and the cardiovascular consequences of missed hypertension in children with diabetes. By concentrating on high-risk children, she hopes to identify the optimal management strategy for hypertension in children.
  • Ulfat Shaikh, director of health-care quality integration at the UC Davis School of Health, whose recent projects have focused on pediatric nutrition, obesity, asthma, preventable readmission, and patient satisfaction.

UC Davis Children’s Hospital is the Sacramento region’s only nationally ranked, comprehensive hospital for children, serving infants, children, adolescents and young adults with primary, subspecialty and critical care.