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UC Davis Children’s Hospital

UC Davis Children’s Hospital


The Pediatric Telemedicine Program has been actively conducting research on the use of telemedicine for more than 10 years. The clinical and research teams evaluate the impact of telemedicine on quality of care, health outcomes, child development, cost effectiveness, as well as parent, patient and family satisfaction. Our research team is considered an international leader in pediatric telemedicine research, has been a part of more than 10 federal grants and has published more than 25 publications in peer review journals, five review articles, and three book chapters.


The financial impact of a pediatric telemedicine program: a children's hospital's perspective

Telemedicine consultations and medication errors in rural emergency departments

Impact of critical care telemedicine consultations on children in rural emergency departments

The Impact of Telemedicine Intensivist Support and a Pediatric Hospitalist Program on a Community Hospital

Impact of telemedicine on the quality of forensic sexual abuse examinations in rural communities

Telehealth at UC Davis - A 20-Year Experience

The Role of Telemedicine in Treating the Critically Ill

Connecting hospitalized patients with their families: case series and commentary

Comparison of parent satisfaction with care for childhood obesity delivered face-to-face and by telemedicine

Pediatric obesity management in rural clinics in California and of telehealth in distance education

Weight status of children and adolescents in a telepsychiatry clinic

Telemedicine for children in need of intensive care

A picture is worth a thousand words: critical care consultations to emergency departments using telemedicine

National telemedicine initiatives: essential to healthcare reform

Complex bioethics consultation in rural hospitals: using telemedicine to bring academic bioethicists into outlying communities

Telemedicine in rural pediatric care: the fundamentals

Rural child and adolescent telepsychiatry: successes and struggles

Using telemedicine to improve the care delivered to sexually abused children in rural, underserved hospitals

The availability of telecardiology consultations and transfer patterns from a remote neonatal intensive care unit

Clinical management and patient outcomes among children and adolescents receiving telemedicine consultations for obesity

Efficacy and feasibility of teledermatology for paediatric medical education

Inaugural paediatric telehealth colloquium

Rural versus suburban primary care needs, utilization, and satisfaction with telepsychiatric consultation

Using telemedicine to improve communication during paediatric resuscitations

Changes in diagnosis, treatment, and clinical improvement among patients receiving telemedicine consultations

Financial Benefits of a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Based Telemedicine Program to a Rural Adult Intensive Care Unit: Impact of Keeping Acutely Ill and Injured Children in Their Local Community

The use of telemedicine to provide pediatric critical care consultations to pediatric trauma patients admitted to a remote trauma intensive care unit: a preliminary report

Use of telemedicine to provide pediatric critical care inpatient consultations to underserved rural Northern California

Using telemedicine to provide pediatric subspecialty care to children with special health care needs in an underserved rural community