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UC Davis Children’s Hospital

UC Davis Children’s Hospital

Hematology and oncology specialties

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 To Make an Appointment

  • Your child’s physician will make arrangements for an appointment with a hematology or oncology specialist.

  • After hours, weekends and holidays, call (916) 734-2011. Ask for the pediatric hematology-oncology doctor on call.

Pediatric hematologists at UC Davis Children's Hospital perform diagnostic tests and services for children with blood-related disorders, including bleeding problems. Our hematology and oncology clinics encompass a comprehensive sickle cell center and thalassemia clinic, a hemophilia treatment center, and a diagnostic laboratory for bleeding disorders.

Pediatric oncologists, who specialize in tumors, diagnose and treat children who have malignant disorders (cancer), including leukemia, lymphoma, brain and other solid tumors, neuroblastoma, medulloblastoma, Wilms’ tumor, Ewing’s sarcoma, and rhabdomyosarcoma. The UC Davis Cancer Center also offers advanced clinical therapies for acute lymphoblastic leukemia, acute non-lymphocytic leukemia, chronic lymphocytic leukemia and chronic myelogenous leukemia using innovative diagnostic and treatment options that can prolong and enhance life. Modern therapeutic techniques are helping to cure 70 to 90 percent of children who are diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Oncology physicians and researchers are conducting trials with monoclonal antibodies that can seek out and destroy cancerous cells. In conjunction with such experimentation, innovative protocols and chemotherapeutic drugs are available to leukemia patients.

Pediatric oncology support services

  • Medical, surgical and radiation oncology
  • Pediatric bone marrow transplantation
  • Comprehensive neuro-oncology services
  • Late-effects clinic
  • Pediatric infusion services
  • Medical, surgical and radiation oncology
  • Solid tumor management
  • Clinical trials
  • Child Life Program providing counseling, art and music therapy
  • Free or low-cost lodging for parents at the Ronald McDonald House or the Kiwanis House

Pediatric cancer patients at UC Davis Children's Hospital have access to the newest treatment therapies by virtue of the Department of Hematology and Oncology’s affiliation with the Children's Oncology Group, a national federally funded agency that oversees and authorizes clinical trials involving medications developed at the forefront of cancer research.