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Department of Cell Biology and Human Anatomy

Department of Cell Biology and Human Anatomy

Integrated Biomedical Sciences Seminar Series

Seminars and Events

Seminars are Tuesdays 10am in the Genome Auditorium (GBSF) 1005. Please contact Stephanie Lagala for additional information:


Date Lecture Speaker
September 16, 2014 "The response of signaling and metabolic networks to targeted inhibitors: what single cells can tell us"

John Albeck, University of California, Davis, Dept of Molecular & Cellular Biology

October 07, 2014 "Microsystems for sensing and shaping cell function"

Alex Revzin, Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of California, Davis

October 21, 2014 "Membrane Protein trafficking in Photoreceptors"

Wolfgang Baehr, University of Utah

November 04, 2014 OPEN


December 02, 2014 "Mechanism of Adaptation in Mammalian Rod Photoreceptors"

Gordon Fain, University of California, Los Angeles

December 16, 2014 "Mammalian Telencephalon Development"

Kenneth Campbell, Cincinnati Children's Hospital

January 20, 2015 "Spinal cord neurogenesis and repair"

Ben Novitch, University of California, Los Angeles

February 03, 2015  TBA Rajat Rohatgi, Stanford University
February 17, 2015 TBA Su Guo, University of California, San Fransisco
March 03, 2015 OPEN  
March 17, 2015 "Retinal and vestibular neural circuit formation"

Lisa Goodrich, Harvard Medical School

April 07, 2015 "Assessing the biomechanical behavior of corneal keratocytes in vitro and in vivo" Matthew Petroll, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
April 21, 2015 "Optogenetic approaches to neuroscience"

Robert Campbell, University of Alberta

May 19, 2015 "Visual System Function and Cognition"

Dan Butts, University of Maryland

June 02, 2015 "Hippo signaling in zebrafish retina"

Brian Link, Medical College of Wisconsin



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