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Department of Cell Biology and Human Anatomy

Department of Cell Biology and Human Anatomy

The Department of Cell Biology and Human Anatomy Seminars

Seminars and Events

Seminars are Tuesdays 10am in the Genome Auditorium (GBSF) 1005. Please contact Stephanie Lagala for additional information:


Date Lecture Speaker
February 04, 2014 "Genesis of rod photoreceptors: genetic and epigenetic control, evolution, and treatment paradigms"

Anand Swaroop, NIH/NEI

February 18, 2014 "Chromosomal Crossing Over And The Physical Basis Of Heredity"

Neil Hunter, University of California, Davis, Department of Microbiology & Molecular Genetics

March 04, 2014 "From brain to eye: repulsion of neurons and axons"

Grant Mastick, University of Nevada, Reno

March 18, 2014 "Genetics and the pathology of a multi-system collagen disorder"

Doug Gould, University of California, San Francisco

April 08, 2014 "Using human pluripotent stem cells to model gastrointestinal organ development and disease"

James Wells, University of Cincinnati

April 22, 2014 "Ptch1 and Ptch2 interact to affect the response to Shh both cell autonomously and non autonomously"

Henk Roelink, University of California, Berkeley

April 28, 2014 “Dissecting Conserved Molecular Networks Regulating Photoreceptor Differentiation and Maintenance”  Tiffany Cook, Department of Pediatrics, University of Cincinnati 
June 19, 2014  "To stop or not to stop: Cullin-5 controls final neuron position" Sergi Simó, University of Washington
July 18, 2014 "Understanding mechanisms of lens development. Will this help us regenerate lenses after cataract surgery?" John McAvoy, University of Sydney


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