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Department of Cell Biology and Human Anatomy

Department of Cell Biology and Human Anatomy

Kenneth A. Beck, Ph.D.

Kenneth A. Beck, Ph.D.

3416 Tupper Hall
Davis Campus
(530) 752-8445

Research Funding

National Institutes of Health

Graduate Group Affiliations

Biochemistry, Molecular,
Cellular and
Developmental Biology

Research Interests

Dr. Beck’s laboratory studies the function of a novel, Golgi-localized form of the spectrin-based membrane cytoskeleton. He is investigating possible roles for the Golgi membrane skeleton, including:

  1. Maintenance of Golgi structural organization
  2. Regulation of vesicular trafficking from the Golgi complex
  3. Facilitating spindle-dependent vesicular movements during cytokinesis


Representative Publications

2005  Beck, K. A. Spectrins and the Golgi. Biochim Biophys Acta 1744, 374-382.

2004  Fan, J., and K.A. Beck. A role for the spectrin super family member Syne-1 and Kinesin II in cytokinesis. J. Cell Science 117, 619-629.

2004  Gough, L.L., and K.A. Beck. The spectrin family member Syne-1 facilitates retrograde transport from Golgi to ER. Biochim Biophys Acta 1693, 29-36.


Recent/Current Teaching

CDB 200/MCB 200A, Current techniques in Cell Biology (Course Director)

CHA 402, Cell and Tissue Biology (Course Director)