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UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center

UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center

Lana Young — grateful after minimally invasive surgery

Lana Young

Lana Young hadn’t experienced any type of injury or pain before a nagging pain crept into her back. When the pain began affecting her daily activities – a dedicated runner, she took her kids out every day in the jogging stroller – she visited her primary care physician. Laboratory work, ultrasound and a CT scan at UC Davis Health System revealed a cyst on her pancreas. She then underwent an endoscopic ultrasound. The results were concerning for pancreatic cancer.

Colleagues of Young’s husband, a physician in Sacramento, referred Young to Richard Bold at UC Davis Cancer Center. Her consultation was thorough, she says.

“He explained all of my blood work, CT scan reports and biopsy reports in simple language. He discussed my disease, and the future of the disease if left untouched or if we removed it; and he explained the surgery, in particular the difficulty of performing it due to the location of the cyst.”

Bold recommended that the cyst be removed. They decided the best plan of attack was a laparoscopic (small incision) pancreatic cystectomy, with the possibility of converting to an open procedure if necessary – a possibility that, fortunately, never materialized.

All told, Young’s recovery was relatively quick. She was on her feet and walking, albeit slowly, the day after the surgery.

“A week later, I could walk down the block,” she remembers. “I only had to take my pain medications for one day.” She was able to return to her daily activities after one month.

Today, Young is fully recovered. The cyst turned out to be benign, but its removal also eliminates the chances of it turning into cancer.

“Thanks to Dr. Bold and his surgical talent, the scare of my life is now just a memory and he will always have my fullest gratitude,” Young says. “In fact, from the pre-operative area to the post-operative area, my husband and I both felt the entire staff was very professional and helpful. We have nothing but high praise and a sincere thank you to everyone involved!”

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