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UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center

UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center

Prostate and Urothelial

Co-Leaders:  Allen Gao, M.D., Ph.D. , Christopher P. Evans, M.D., and Chong-Xian Pan, M.D., Ph.D.

UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center Urology © UC RegentsThe goals of Prostate and Urothelial Program are to understand the mechanism of castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC),  identify molecular targets, and develop therapeutic approaches for CRPC. 

The research interests of the members of the Prostate and Urothelial Program are directed at four highly interactive research themes:  Androgen axis, molecular targeting, translational models, and clinical trials. 

A major research theme of this Program is to study the mechanisms of aberrant activation of androgen receptor by cytokines, tyrosine kinases, co-regulators, and microRNAs in castration-resistant prostate cancer.  If this process can be understood, it will fundamentally change all aspects of prostate cancer therapy. 

Our long-term goal is to develop a mechanism-based castration-adjunctive therapy that may lead to a more effective intervention than castration alone.