Tung T. Nguyen, M.D.

Tung NguyenTung T. Nguyen, M.D.
Principal Investigator
and Research Core

Dr. Nguyen is Professor of Medicine in the Division of General Internal Medicine (DGIM) in the Department of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). A bilingual first-generation Vietnamese American, Dr. Nguyen is the Director of the UCSF Vietnamese Community Health Promotion Project (VCHPP) and was previously the AANCART Deputy Principal Investigator. Dr. Nguyen completed his residency in primary care internal medicine at UCSF and received health services research training at Stanford University and UCSF.

His research focuses on addressing health disparities among minority populations, particularly Asian American communities, through community involvement in research and training. He has published extensively on Asian American health disparities issues, including breast and cervical cancer screening, diabetes mellitus, tobacco control, cardiovascular health, and vaccinations. His prior work included an innovative multi-component intervention to increase breast and cervical cancer screening among Vietnamese American women using CBPR. He also has conducted methodological studies among Asian Americans on validation of self-reports of cancer screening and on barriers to participation in breast cancer chemoprevention and treatment clinical trials.

Dr. Nguyen has published research on hepatitis B and liver cancer and is currently a Project Leader on an NCI-funded P01 to study methods to overcome liver cancer disparities among Asian Americans, in which Dr. Nguyen is leading a controlled trial of the effectiveness of a media campaign to promote hepatitis B screening among Vietnamese Americans. He has conducted studies on colorectal cancer screening among Asian Americans and is Principal Investigator of an NCI-funded R01 grant to study the effectiveness of lay health worker outreach in promoting colorectal cancer screening among Chinese Americans in a group randomized controlled trial using CBPR. He also serves as Co-Investigator for a 5-year projects targeting colorectal cancer screening in Vietnamese funded by NIH/Northern California Cancer Center. Through these projects, Dr. Nguyen has taught and mentored students, educators, clinicians, and researchers at different levels of training.