Edward A. Chow, M.D.

Edward ChowEdward A. Chow, M.D.
Principal Investigator

Dr. Chow serves as the Executive Director of the Chinese Community Health Care Association (CCHCA), a non-profit medical group serving the Chinese Community in San Francisco. The Chinese Community Health Care Association is a non-profit mutual benefit association of nearly one hundred and sixty physicians that functions as an individual practice association to provide culturally competent medical services for over 24,000 managed care enrollees in Medicare, Commercial, Medicaid and Healthy Families Programs in five managed care plans. Dr. Chow is also Medical Director of the Chinese Community Health Plan (CCHP), an organization sponsored by the Chinese Hospital Association of San Francisco and designed to meet the linguistic and cultural needs of the Chinese community in San Francisco. He is also chair of the Chinese Community Health Resource Center of Chinese Hospital, which was recognized in the year 2000 as the outstanding community program for small health plans by the American Association of Health Plans.

Dr. Chow is serving his fourth four-year term on the San Francisco Health Commission, which has responsibility for over $1 Billion of services and facilities including San Francisco General Hospital and Laguna Honda Hospital. Dr. Chow was Chairman, first President, and is currently a member of the Board of Directors of the NICOS Chinese Health Coalition, a San Francisco coalition of health and human services agencies and private providers which evaluates and advocates for health issues related to the Chinese and Asians in San Francisco. He has served as President of the San Francisco Medical Society and President of the California Society of Internal Medicine. He is a delegate to the House of Delegates and was a past member of the Board of Trustees of the California Medical Association. He is currently secretary of the board of the Institute of Medical Quality, a subsidiary of the California Medical Association, involved in quality assurance activities.

Dr. Chow was Chair of the first national Conference of Health Problems Related to the Chinese in America, and a charter member of the steering committee of the Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum, the nationally recognized advocate for Asian health issues. He was also a founder of the Chinese Community Cardiac Council of the San Francisco Heart Association, and the Federation of Chinese American and Chinese Canadian Medical Societies. He is a frequent lecturer or panelist on health access and the need for cultural competency.