Angela Sun, Ph.D., M.P.H.

Angela SunAngela Sun, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Co-Director Outreach
Core and New and Early Stage Investigator

Dr. Sun has been serving the Chinese community for more than 20 years and has devoted her career to improving access to quality healthcare for the San Francisco Bay Area’s Chinese community. Dr. Sun fully developed from inception, The Chinese Community Health Resource Center (CCHRC), a comprehensive, multi-faceted out-patient unit designed to continually identify community needs and provide ongoing classes, nutrition counseling, social and referral services, and other programs that meet educational, cultural and language requirements. Dr. Sun is currently the Executive Director of CCHRC.

Under her leadership, the Chinese community of the San Francisco Bay Area has come to recognize CCHRC as a leader and principal source of culturally competent health education programs.  In 2000, the American Health Plan Association awarded CCHRC the Community Leadership Award.  Over the years, CCHRC has launched numerous culturally and linguistically appropriate health education programs, which were considered firsts in the nation, namely:  Chinese-speaking “I Can Cope” cancer support group, Men’s Health Day, Women’s Health Day, Comprehensive Chinese patient navigation program, and a comprehensive bilingual health information website.  In addition, CCHRC received the “Recognizing Innovation in Multi-Cultural Healthcare Award” from the National Committee of Quality Assurance (NCQA) in both 2006 and 2007.  In 2006, CCHRC’s user-friendly bilingual (Chinese and English) website, was recognized for enabling users to conduct a topic search in English and download a printable Chinese version.  This feature is an invaluable and timesaving tool for those who do not read Chinese, particularly healthcare providers who are in search of Chinese health/cancer education materials. In 2007, CCHRC’s innovative Diabetes support group, Diabetes Self-Management: A Cultural Approach, was highlighted for its cultural and linguistic competency and its impact on the Chinese community in San Francisco.

While heading CCHRC, Dr. Sun has written numerous grants and served as a Principal Investigator for research projects.

In addition, Dr. Sun is the Program Director of the Education Department of the Chinese Hospital where she plans, implements, conducts, and evaluates education programs for hospital wide employees including clinical and non-clinical staffs.  Dr. Sun had been invited to speak and present at professional conferences such as the American Public Health Association and the previous International Conferences on Health Problems Related to the Chinese in North America.