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UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center

UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center

Calendar and Events — For Health Professionals

2014 Robert E. Stowell Biorepository Symposium & Lecture
Jeremy Nicholson

Date: April 14, 2014
Time: 5 to 7 p.m.
Location: Medical Education Building, Room 2222, 4610 X St., Sacramento

Title: "The challenge of implementing systems medicine paradigms in a changing world"
Speaker: Jeremy K. Nicholson, Ph.D.
Head, Department of Surgery and Cancer
Director, MRC-NIHR National Phenome Centre
Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College, London
Founder and Director of Metabometrix


Brought to you by the Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine


Cancer Biology Research Seminars

for health professionalsCancer Biology Research Seminars are sponsored by the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center Basic Sciences Program. Refreshments will be served.

These seminars will be digitally streamed for live broadcast and may be available online for later viewing. Each seminar link is listed below. Live broadcasts will start at 9 a.m. and end at 10:05 a.m.

Date: Thursdays
Time: 9 to 10 a.m. (Live broadcast from 9 to 10:05 a.m.)
Location: UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center auditorium, 4501 X St., Sacramento

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April 17

Topic: "Obesity and cancer progression, the role of inflammatory pathways"
Speaker: Linda deGraffenreid
University of Texas at Austin
Host: Paramita Ghosh

April 24

Topic: "New mass spectrometry assays for identifying and characterizing modified RNAs"
Speaker: Patrick Limbach
University of Cincinnati
Host: Aiming Yu


May 1

Topic: "Targeting OncomiR addiction in the tumor microenvironment"
Speaker: Frank Slack
Yale University
Host: Aiming Yu

May 8

Topic: "Unconventional receptor tyrosine kinase signaling in vertebrate development"
Speaker: Henry Ho
UC Davis School of Medicine
Host: Hongwu Chen

May 15

Topic: "Specificity and diversity in the PI3-Kinase and Akt signaling pathway in cancer"
Speaker: Alex Toker
Harvard University
Host: Colleen Sweeney

May 22

Topic: "Translating the ribosomal stress - p53 pathway into anti-cancer drug discovery"
Speaker: Hua Lu
Tulane School of Medicine
Host: Xinbin Chen

May 29

Topic: " Defining response and resistance to PI3-K/AR pathway inhibition in prostate cancer"
Speaker: Brett Carver
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Host: Paramita Ghosh


June 5

Topic: TBD
Speaker: Fawaz Haj
UC Davis
Host: Hongwu Chen

June 26

Topic: "Determinants of response to anti-IL-6 therapies in prostate cancer"
Speaker: Zoran Culig
Department of Urology
Innsbruck Medical University, Austria
Allen Gao

For more information about the Cancer Biology Research Seminars, call or e-mail Alex Sokolov at 916-734-3221.


Qualitative Health Symposium: Using qualitative methods to advance health research

View symposium flyer
View symposium flyer
View symposium flyer HEREarrow left

Date: April 30, 2014
Time: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Location: Medical Education Building, 4610 X St., Sacramento

Speaker: Ellen F. Olshansky
Professor and Director
Program of Nursing Science
UC Irvine

Speaker: Stefan Timmermans
Professor and Chair
Department of Sociology

A one-day, skill-building and professional-development symposium to highlight and demonstrate qualitative research methods as well as provide networking opportunities for researchers interested in qualitative or mixed-methods health research.

For more information: Contact Stuart Henderson at or 916-703-9220 or Carolina Apesoa-Varano at or 916-734-1159.

RSVP HEREarrow left

This event is sponsored by:
Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing
Clinical and Translational Science Center
Outreach Research & Education Program, Comprehensive Cancer Center
Latino Aging Research Resource Center
Center for Reducing Health Disparities
Center for Healthcare Policy and Research

Biostatistics Workshop

Date: Tuesdays
Time: Noon to 1:30 p.m.
Location: Clinical and Translational Science Center (CTSC) Building, Suite 1400, Room 1477, 2921 Stockton Blvd., Sacramento. Parking and entrance are behind the building.

Researchers often have questions about statistics in designing a study or analyzing data. Some statistical questions can be easily answered in a short conversation with a knowledgeable statistician. In order to efficiently and effectively meet the statistical needs of clinical and translational investigators at UC Davis, the CTSC — in collaboration with the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center — maintain weekly “office hours” for statistical consultations. These office hours are an opportunity for investigators to consult with a statistician about the design, analysis or presentation of medical research studies in a friendly, informal setting.

Due to the popularity of this program, investigators wanting to attend one of the upcoming office hours are asked to reserve a spot in advance HEREarrow left

You may make a reservation up to 30 days in advance. In order to be able to adequately address each attendee’s question, space is limited. If time permits, we will take questions from attendees without a reservation.

For more information: Sandra Taylor