Patient spotlight - NakishaNakisha has worked hard this past year to achieve her healthy lifestyle – she's even gotten some of her coworkers on board with her daily green smoothies. She is always a positive presence at our monthly support group. Come help us cheer her on as she struts her stuff on stage during our annual fashion show in January 2016 – details to come soon. Read her story below.

1) What moment made you finally decide to have surgery?

After several struggles, I couldn't get focused! I couldn't do another diet; they never really worked anyhow. I knew about the surgery but didn't really think it was an option for me. I had seen a video of myself and I didn't recognize the person – I couldn't believe that was me! It was time for a lifestyle change. I started doing research not only on surgery but also on healthy lifestyle changes.

2) How has your quality of life changed?

The surgery has allowed me to change my eating habits and to focus on healthy foods. I exercise more than ever before, I've participated in three 5K races this year!

3) What is your advice to those who are struggling with their weight?

There is a lot of confusing information about how to eat and be healthy. Sometimes, we go on diets which have us really focused on making huge changes that only last a couple of months. My advice is to make small lifestyle changes that you can stick with and focus on one thing at a time.