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Alzheimer’s Disease Center

Alzheimer’s Disease Center

Giving to the UC Davis Alzheimer’s Disease Center

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The UC Davis Alzheimer’s Disease Center is one of only 26 research centers designated by the National Institutes of Health’s Institute on Aging. Our goal is to translate research advances into improved diagnosis and treatment for patients while focusing on the long-term goal of finding a way to prevent or cure Alzheimer’s.

We are working to uncover many of the aspects of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias and our progress has been exceptional. Ninety percent of what we know about Alzheimer’s today has been discovered within the last 15 years. Recent research accomplishments at UC Davis include:

  • Identification of a new protein that is formed during diabetes that is toxic to the brain and may worsen Alzheimer’s disease
  • New brain imaging tools to diagnosis and monitor treatment of Alzheimer’s disease
  • An advanced understanding of the genetic components of Alzheimer’s disease and of brain development.
  • A detailed examination of vascular disease processes that can make the brain more vulnerable to Alzheimer’s disease.

Research funding has become increasingly difficult to obtain due to the challenging economic environment and the shrinking availability of government funds. In order to remain a viable entity serving the needs of those in Northern California with dementia we ask that you consider a gift to the Alzheimer’s Disease Center to support new research discoveries, high-quality clinic diagnostics and care, better treatments and new models of care to delay progression and improve patient outcomes.

We offer many arrangements to reach both philanthropic and financial goals, including charitable trusts and gift annuities, direct giving, memorial gifts and bequests. For more information about how you can support the clinical care, research and education programs at the Alzheimer's Disease Center, please contact:

Jayne La Grande
Administrator, UC Davis Alzheimer's Disease Center
(916) 734-5728