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Accessing Virtual Hallucinations

Accessing the virtual hallucinations project requires that you download and install the Second Life client software. Unfortunately, the steps below are somewhat involved, but they must only be performed once. Furthermore, you’ll gain access to a tremendous amount of interesting content within the Second Life system.

  1. Register for an account at A seven day free trial is available. A credit card is required, even for the free trial. Requiring all users to provide a credit card helps establish identity and reduces misbehavior in the system.

  2. Download the Second Life software from and install it. Both PC and Mac versions are available.

  3. Run the Second Life software.

  4. Log on using the username and password you selected when you signed up.

  5. You'll start in an orientation area. I strongly suggest you complete the orientation, which will teach you how to move around, interact with objects, and fly. When you’re done with the orientation, quit the program and come back to this web page.

  6. Click this link secondlife://sedig/26/45/ to access the virtual hallucinations project. Second Life will start and a red beacon will appear at the building site.

  7. Click the "Fly" button at the bottom of the screen and fly to the building. Once there, the environment should be self explanatory.

Thanks for your interest.

James Cook
Nov 2004