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Academic Personnel

Academic Personnel

Salary Administration

Please contact Academic Personnel if you have any questions or need more information.


Forms and Tools

Appendix II Form - MEG/MB (Interactive PDF)

Appendix II Form - REG/HB (Interactive PDF)

Current Excel Calculator (Meg and MB Components)
NOTE:  This is a macro enabled document.  It must be saved as a macro enabled Excel document with the file extension .xlsm

Current Excel Calculator (Reg and HB Complonents)
NOTE:  If you have any questions concerning BY's, please contact your assigned Department Analyst

Compensation Plan

UC Davis School of Medicine/School of Nursing Health Sciences Compensation Plan Implementation Procedures (PDF)

Compensation Plan Toolkit (PDF)

Interactive Web Compensation Plan (Internet access, Web-browser and Authorization* Required)
* For authorization please contact the Academic Personnel Manager.

Please refer to the Conflict of Commitment page for information related to APM 025/670.