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Academic Personnel

Academic Personnel

Recruitment Information

Please contact Academic Personnel if you have any questions or need more information.

Recruitments/Upgrades/Search Waivers

Recruitment Process and Required Documents

For Search Plan and Recruitment approval and additional activites please use UC Davis Recruit

Recruitment Checklist and Timeline for Departmental Recruitments (Word)

Recruitment Checklist and Timeline for Academic Personnel Recruitments (Word)

Joint Appointment Worksheet (Word)

Interview Process Guidelines (Word)

Sample Interview Questions (Word)

Sample Reference Questions (Word)


Applicant Survey

Confidential Applicant Survey (Word)

Cover Letter for Applicant Survey (Word)


Upgrade Requests

Upgrade requests are required for all REG series above the Assistant level.  Must be approved PRIOR to search plan approval.  These can be submitted together.

Upgrade Request 


Waiver Requests

To request a Search Waiver (non-Senate positions only) you must complete the request using Forms Online (kerberos login required), you must upload the Curriculm Vitae (CV) of the candidate to the request form.  Please note that search waivers are not accepted for the Ladder Rank series, In Residence series, and Clinical X series. 

Recruitment Checklist for Appointments with a Search Waiver (Word)


VA Appointment Process & Procedures

MOU Process (PDF)

MOU Form (PDF)


Position Descriptions

Junior Specialist (Word)

Professional Research Series (Word)

Project Scientist (Word)

Specialist Series (Assistant, Associate, Full) (Word)


Recruitment from other UC's & California Colleges

APM 501 (PDF)

APM 510 (PDF)

Tentative Offer Letter (TOL)

This document must be provided for every new appointment whether the candidate is identified through a recruitment, a waiver request, the Partner Opportunities Program, or the Target of Excellence Program.

Tentative Offer Letter - Adjunct Series (Word)

Tentative Offer Letter - Clinical X Series (Word)

Tentative Offer Letter - HSCP Series  (Word)

Tentative Offer Letter - In Residence Series (Word)

Tentative Offer Letter - Ladder-Regular Series (Word)

Tentative Offer Letter - Ladder-Regular/IR Split (Word)

Tentative Offer Letter - Researcher Titles  (Word)

Tentative Offer Letter - Unit 18 Lecturer Series (Word)

Memorandum of Understanding

An MOU must be provided and approved any time the candidate has a joint affiliation between the School of Medicine departments, an affiliation between a School of Medicine department and a department in another UCD School or College, or an affiliation with an outside agency such as Shriner's Hospital.

Memorandum of Understanding Between Administrative Units (PDF)

VA Memorandum of Understanding (Form) (Process) (PDF)

Target of Excellence (TOE)

Target of Excellence (TOE)