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Academic Personnel

Academic Personnel

Faculty Childbearing Leave Policy and Procedures


To provide faculty members with a reasonable level of leave benefits for childbearing that: 1) can be financially supported by the departments; and 2) is equitable across departments.  


It is the policy of the School of Medicine, UCDHS that faculty in all departments have equal benefits for childbearing leave, and the departments have primary financial responsibility for covering these benefits. This applies to all faculty in the following academic series: Ladder Rank, Clinical, In Residence, Salaried Clinical, and Adjunct. 


  1. Childbearing leave:  Women faculty in all departments and academic series indicated above will receive the benefits to that specified for the Ladder Rank faculty in APM 760.   This includes a paid leave at full salary for three months.  This represents a modification of the benefits as described in APM 760. 
  2. Departments must submit UPAY 573 Sabbatical Leave/Special Leave of Absence (APM 700) to initiate childbearing leave.


Effective 7/1/04