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Academic Personnel

Academic Personnel

Academic Personnel Committees

Please contact Academic Personnel if you have any questions or need more information.

Compensation Advisory Committee (CAC)

The School of Medicine Compensation Advisory Committee (CAC) is an administrative committee that meets regularly and is advisory to the Dean.  The members represent the School of Medicine faculty and are responsible for:

  • Periodic review of the Implementation Procedures and where appropriate recommendation to the Dean for amendments
  • Review and recommend to the Dean the compensation plan procedures to be used by each department chair in his/her determination of the appropriate compensation to be paid each faculty members of the department.  Review department compensation plans procedures annually and recommend modifications as necessary
  • Review and recommend to the Dean the designation of Academic Programmatic Units (APU) at the sub-divisional level in compliance with the compensation plan
  • Review faculty salaries and make comments to the Dean
  • Make recommendations to the Dean concerning criteria to be utilized to ensure that appropriate reimbursements for a faculty member's research effort is represented in grant and contract applications
  • Hear grievances related to the plan
  • Assist the Dean in resolving issues related to outside professional activities, including establishment and administration of good standing criteria and outside professional earnings approval thresholds

2015-2016 Committee Members:

  • Colleen Clancy, Ph.D., Chair
  • Peter Yellowlees, M.D., Vice Chair
  • HongWu Chen, Ph.D.
  • David Copenhaver, M.D., M.P.H.
  • Charles DeCarli, M.D.
  • Alla Fomina, Ph.D.
  • Lorena Garcia, Dr.PH., M.P.H.
  • Manual Navedo, Ph.D. 
  • David Sahar, M.D.
  • Andreea Seritan, M.D.
  • Naileshni Singh, M.D.

  • For information related to the Compensation Plan please refer to Salary Administration.

    Faculty Personnel Committee (FPC)

    Academic Senate who advise and make recommendations to the Executive Associate Dean on academic personnel review actions for faculty appointment, merit, appraisal, and promotion that have been delegated to the Dean from the Committee on Academic Personnel (CAP). The FPC is comprised of faculty members who collectively represent the Basic Sciences, Clinical Sciences, and Surgical Sciences. Each member serves a maximum term of three years. The FPC meets regularly on the first and third Wednesday of each month. The Committee is staffed by Dean's Office - Academic Personnel.

    2015-2016 Committee Members:

    • Caroline Chantry, M.D., Chair
    • John Boone, Ph.D.
    • Christine Cocanour, M.D.
    • Richard Levensen, M.D.
    • Su Hao Lo, Ph.D.
    • David Pleasure, M.D.
    • John Richards, M.D.
    • Barbara Shacklett, Ph.D.
    • John S. Werner, M.D

    The FPC meets twice a month; however, this schedule may change due to demand or holidays.