What is an appraisal?

At the Assistant Professor rank, an appraisal of teaching, research/creative activity and service is performed in the faculty member's fourth year to determine if he/she is 'on track' for promotion. The dossier is submitted in the fall and the FPC (acting as the ad hoc committee doing the appraisal) forwards their report and the dossier to the Vice Provost's office.  After review of the file by CAP-OC and the Vice Provost, an appraisal letter is sent to the candidate with reviewer's comments on performance in teaching, research/creative activity and service.  The intent of the appraisal is to provide feedback on the areas of satisfactory performance, as well as collegial advice as to how the candidate can improve those areas where there are problems (APM 220-83 (PDF), APM UCD Procedure 1 A. (PDF)).